Difference Between Nose Right & Nose Huggies?

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In this review we will explain exactly what the difference is between the Nose Right and the Nose Huggie. The are both rhinoplasty alternatives, and are marketed to make your nose smaller without surgery. Firstly, I would like to say that the Nose Right was developed by a team of doctors to decrease your nose size. Then the Nose huggies came out copying the rhinoplasty alternative and charging more. The problem with this is that the Nose Huggies can actually damage your nose because they don't use the perfect amount of medical pressure, and their item has not been approved or tested by doctors!


Take a look at the two videos below:


Fake Doctor Review - Click to see video

Notice in the above video that the person wearing the white "doctor" coat never mentions his name and never says he is a doctor. This is because HE IS NOT A DOCTOR!

NOW lets look at the Nose Right video (the original rhinoplasty alternative that WILL make your nose smaller):

NOSE RIGHT - The Original

NOTICE the Doctor mentions he is a doctor right away, because he is a real doctor. The Nose Right is the only alternative to a nose job and is the real thing. BE VERY CAREFUL of others that pretend to be nose right or cheap copies online they can ruin your nose!